Monthly Archives: February 2012

very cool: frayed jeans

Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your day and have a nice evening!
The weater is very frustrativ, because it is cold outside and looks all the time rainy.
I would like to have sunshine and it shuld become warm!
I would like to have summer!!! ❤

But I think we have to wait a few weeks for it.

Today I wore frayed jeans and a light blue blouse with a black top. To combine the blue jeans and the blouse, I choose a striped blue and white scarf. There are also some pink flowers on it. I love this scarf very much, because there are such many ways to combine with other clothes!

And I perfekt the look with my beautiful striped bag! I love this bag indescribable. And – because of the wet weather – a have my black blazer with it!


Scarf: Tally Weijl
Top: H&M
Jeans: Mustang
Blouse: forever 21


casual look for everybody!

Hello girl (or maybe guys?)

I hope you had a nice day.
Today I want to give you an inspiration for an everyday casual look.
It is perfect for different location and in addition you can wear it in a lot of different ways and combinations.
My look is composed of  a simple brown blazer, a white tank top and a black skirt.
To combine the brown colour of the blazer, I choose brown pair of tights and brown shoes. 🙂
I think it´s very easy to find an own way of this look.
You only have to choose a white top or maybe another colour to find a new combination!

I hope I could give you an inspiration of casual looks.

In the way of fashion love,
your Nhily

Casual look: leather pans

Hi everyone!

Today it´s very very cold outside and it´s rainig since I stand up early in the morning!…
I hate this weather, in addition I stand up 30 minutes earlier to make my hair curly.
It was for nothing!!!

Never the less I choose my black blazer and leather pans for going out.
I think it´s a very casual look for school or work.
For this outfit I only add an white, feminin sveater with little details and an light brown scarf.
I love this scarf because of the flower design, it´s beautiful!

Hope you enjoy your day!

Blazer: H&M
Sweater: H&M
Scarf: Tally wheijl
Leather pans: Amazon
Shoes: S Oliver

Monday look: leather pans

Hey everyone! I hope you have a great start into week!

Today my friend Nhily wore this cute leather pans.

I think it´s a beautiful combination with this gold scarf and white longshirt.

She had just a blazer with it!

It´s an outfit for coffee with friends or school, very comfortable and sexy.

Longshirt: Primark
Leather pans: Amazon
Scarf: C&A
Shoes:  S Oliver
Blazer: H&M