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The red highlight

Hi everyone!

I´m very sorry, that I hadn´t posted the in last days. But I was a little bit ill and don´t looked very well. But now I feel great and I´m such happy, because I want to show you my cute new ballerina! I bought them a few days ago, and I love them since I saw the shoes! Rather I wanted to buy some red high heels, but I felt in love with these ballerinas!

I hope your weekend is nice so far. I´m at home, because we have some crazy weather outside. It is sunny and snowing by turns! This moment the sun is shining and in the next few minutes there is a snow storm. And its such cold outside… Because of that, it was very hard to take these pictures for you! I even had to wear my winter coat!

Okay, what I´m wearing today… I spoke about my new lovely shoes. To focus the outfit on my new shoes (everybody shall see them!), I paired them with a simple black mini dress (or long top) and a black lace bolero.



color of season

Hi everyone!

Hope you have a nice day so far! Today I had my last pre-exam! I will have 4 weeks to learn for last examination. And now I can sleep again as I was sleeping when I was a child. At least for next 4 weeks! 😀

Okay, what I am wearing today! I think you know, that mint is the color of season. A must have! And I have some mint items too.

I bought this shirt weeks ago, and I´m such happy about this, because I didn´t know it at these day!
It´s a little bit cold outside, so I have to wear a blouse with it. To give the outfit more extra, I painted my nails violet.


Please give me an advise!

Hi guys!

I hope you had a nice day so far. I felt such sick today. Because of that I don´t have an outfit for you now. I´m sorry about this, but there is nothing interesting to show you today. But I promise, that I will do it tomorrow!

Nevertheless I have a question. I would like to know, what do you think about these shoes. I want to buy them, but I´m unsure. Please give me any feedback! Thanks a lot!

Enjoy your morning, evening or night. (In my place its 07.40PM)


how to wrap a scarf

Hi everyone!

Today I have something specially for you! A lovely follower want me to show how I wore my scarf on “Comfortable and chic” . And here it is:

This is very very simple. You only have to do two basic steps: loop it once and take it in.

Let me explain… You have to take a long scarf. Loop it once. Take one end of your scarf and take it into the loop. Do it so long till the hole end is into the loop. After it you do it with the other end too.

This looks particulary lovely, if you take a scarf with different designs. For example my one. You can also do it with stripes or scarves with different colors.

Hope you like it 🙂


Black is beautiful !

 Hello everyone!

 Today I was in Berlin and met my friends.

We talked about everything, the weather was great and I could find many clothes for the summer!

Today I wear everything in black … and black is beautiful !!

Looks very elegant, classy and serious, it’s suitable for every day.

I wear a black vest with a basic skirt and black longshirt. Its one of my favourite combination.

They are my favourite shoes: brown, wedge heels and comfortable.

I hope you like it and thank you so much for reading !

In the way of fashion : your Nhily ❤

american dreams

Hi guys!

It´s a lovely sunday and I´m such happy. Today I want to show you my crazy USA-girl outfit!

This day I choosed my USA-shirt. I love it very much, because its such cool and comfortable. I paired it with some light blue jeans shorts and my old black sneakers. This shoes are very very old and are broken too, but I think to this outfit they are perfect!

What do you think? Hope you had a great sunday so far 😉


Little Rockstar

Hey everyone!

I hope you had a nice friday. Maybe you met friends or was still at home. I spend my evening at home with watching TV and enjoyed my off time. And today I stand up at 6:00 AM in the morning, because I was already awake!  So I relished breakfast on my balcony and relaxed in the sunshine.

My plans for saturday? I have to clean up my flat… Woohoo, Yippee… I know, very exciting. Later I want to go to our beautiful lake and learn for next exam. We will see.

Okay, what I´m wearing this day. Then I stand up, I listened to radio and they played a rocking song. In connection to this I took my leather jacket. I think this jacket is such great and soft. My grandma bought the leather jacket years ago, but I think it´s still stylish.

I paired the leather jacket with blue jeans and a cool printed white top. Looking like a little rockstar maybe? 😀

Have a joyful weekend!