Little Rockstar

Hey everyone!

I hope you had a nice friday. Maybe you met friends or was still at home. I spend my evening at home with watching TV and enjoyed my off time. And today I stand up at 6:00 AM in the morning, because I was already awake!  So I relished breakfast on my balcony and relaxed in the sunshine.

My plans for saturday? I have to clean up my flat… Woohoo, Yippee… I know, very exciting. Later I want to go to our beautiful lake and learn for next exam. We will see.

Okay, what I´m wearing this day. Then I stand up, I listened to radio and they played a rocking song. In connection to this I took my leather jacket. I think this jacket is such great and soft. My grandma bought the leather jacket years ago, but I think it´s still stylish.

I paired the leather jacket with blue jeans and a cool printed white top. Looking like a little rockstar maybe? 😀

Have a joyful weekend!



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