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Black is beautiful !

 Hello everyone!

 Today I was in Berlin and met my friends.

We talked about everything, the weather was great and I could find many clothes for the summer!

Today I wear everything in black … and black is beautiful !!

Looks very elegant, classy and serious, it’s suitable for every day.

I wear a black vest with a basic skirt and black longshirt. Its one of my favourite combination.

They are my favourite shoes: brown, wedge heels and comfortable.

I hope you like it and thank you so much for reading !

In the way of fashion : your Nhily ❤


Date Time

Hello Girls, its time for Dating !

Sometimes you want to be cute and sexy, there are many ways to show us how to be cute and sexy for a date with your boyfriend.

I bought the red skirt a few years ago, but maybe you can find something similar to this. The material of my skirt is polyester and was created with rushing steps.

by Nhily date time 2

I wear this skirt with some basic pieces: black longshirt and black pair of tights. This look is  very cute, but if you want to be more sexy, you could wear black High Heels with it.

 Hope you will share my idea for this look with other people.

 In the way of fashion : your Nhily ❤

bonnet and ribbon

Hi everyone !

Today Mia and Me enjoyed the weather and had a lot of fun. Its such warm outside and we love it. How is the weather in your place ?

Today I´m wearing a cute blue bonnet paired with a white shirt. The shirt has some flashy details, because there is a blue ribbon on it. I combinated the outfit with frayed jeans. All in all its a cute and cool look for every place!

In the way of fashion : your Nhily

My blue passion

welcome Spring 🙂

Today its very warm in Germany and I think spring is coming. We should change our style…

To feel the great season better, you can celebrate spring with cute outfits and colors.

Today I wear a blue striped shirt and black leggings paired with a blue bag and a blue scarf. I add a blue bracelet and blue earrings.

Your Nhily!

Say hello to the spring: Dress with lace

Hello girls 😉

Today I am wearing a mini dress with blue lace, some brown ugg boots and a black pair of tights.
I think the look is very cute and comfortable, perfect for all day and every place!

Say hello to the spring and lets rock it with our beautiful dresses.

In the way of fashion
your Nhily

blouse and skirt

Helly sunshine!

Today I wear a ruching blouse with a dotted mini skirt. I combined it with my black blazer and a black pair of tights. This is a very very chic look, perfekt for dinner or date your boyfriend. And of course, it´s a cute outfit too! I hope you like it as I do.

In the way of fashion

Your Nhily

casual look for everybody!

Hello girl (or maybe guys?)

I hope you had a nice day.
Today I want to give you an inspiration for an everyday casual look.
It is perfect for different location and in addition you can wear it in a lot of different ways and combinations.
My look is composed of  a simple brown blazer, a white tank top and a black skirt.
To combine the brown colour of the blazer, I choose brown pair of tights and brown shoes. 🙂
I think it´s very easy to find an own way of this look.
You only have to choose a white top or maybe another colour to find a new combination!

I hope I could give you an inspiration of casual looks.

In the way of fashion love,
your Nhily