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sign of life!

Hey everyone!

I had a crazy time! And: I´m back again!
This week  had our last examinations started. Today we wrote our exam in english…^^ I hope I will pass all of them…!

The weather is such great in Germany! Last week it was beautiful warm and I got my first sunburn for this year!

Aaand (of course), I have some little pictures for you!  Today was shopping time! I got some really beautiful things and inspirations. Hope you like it as much as mine!

I don´t got this cute shirt, but I love it! Maybe I will buy it in a few days! What do you think?

I bought this cute dress:  I love the soft rose color

At least: this cool turquoise scarf! I really love the animal print and skulls

Do you love my new items too?

In a few days I have something spacially for you! A little surprise! Hope you will like it!



Ruby and leopard

Hi everyone!

I have a very relaxing sunday, because it´s such beautiful outside.

Today I tried an outfit inspired by another lookbook. I don´t know how it looks like and I´m neither happy nor sad with it. Maybe do you have any feelings?

I take a leopard printed dress and paired it with a ruby pair of tight. To make it more sexy, I add a black belt. And I painted my nails ruby too.

Please comment!


Basic look with animal prints

Hi everyone!

Today I have a very basic look with some flashy details for you.

At first I choose my beautiful leather pants. This pants are such soft and comfortable, but looks very chic and glamorous. With it I only wear a simple white blouse. Black and white in combination is such classic! And I think the outfit is with the leather pants as chic as classic.
On the one hand, we have the classic look, there are black pants and a white blouse. On the other hand we have the leather pants, so the outfit is graded up! This is a very easy way to make your simple outfit more glamorous!

Furthermore I take my animal printed scarf to boost this effect. In addition I choose a brown necklace and black high heels.

Summarised we have basic items and some flashy items to grade up the classic look!

I hope you like my choice!