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sign of life!

Hey everyone!

I had a crazy time! And: I´m back again!
This week  had our last examinations started. Today we wrote our exam in english…^^ I hope I will pass all of them…!

The weather is such great in Germany! Last week it was beautiful warm and I got my first sunburn for this year!

Aaand (of course), I have some little pictures for you!  Today was shopping time! I got some really beautiful things and inspirations. Hope you like it as much as mine!

I don´t got this cute shirt, but I love it! Maybe I will buy it in a few days! What do you think?

I bought this cute dress:  I love the soft rose color

At least: this cool turquoise scarf! I really love the animal print and skulls

Do you love my new items too?

In a few days I have something spacially for you! A little surprise! Hope you will like it!



A dotted skirt

Hi everyone!

The exam in german is done. Hope you had crossed your figers for me 😉
Today I´m sufferd from headaches. Okay, lets talk about my outfit.

Today morning I choosed my new dotted dress. But I didn´t want to wear it as a dress. I think you can wear it as a skirt too!In the last days I joined some other lookbooks. And a lot of them wore something like this: kneehighs paired with a cute skirt! So I decided to do it too and I think it looks great! I took a black bluse with it and my black high heels.

Do you like this outfit too? Please give me some feedback!


A little bit more Rock ´n Roll!

Hey peoples!

I hope you have a great day so far. I can´t wait for friday! It will be very warm at weekend! So, of cause, I´m such happy about this. Then I´m looking outside it don´t seems to bekome nice and warm, but I´m still optimistic.
Well, maybe I´m a little bit jealous of all your beautiful pictures I had seen. I saw summer clothes and sunshine and something like this. And in my place? It is still rainy!

Okay, what I´m wearing today… I choose a simple blue dress. It´s a little bit transparent, so I had to wear it with a black longtop. I paired the dress with my cute striped scarf and very sexy pair of tights. In my mind, it is a pretty good combination, because the dress is comfortable and very simple and the bottom give it more… extra!

To make this outfit more warm for me, I only add a cardigan.

I hope you like it!


Say hello to the spring: Dress with lace

Hello girls 😉

Today I am wearing a mini dress with blue lace, some brown ugg boots and a black pair of tights.
I think the look is very cute and comfortable, perfect for all day and every place!

Say hello to the spring and lets rock it with our beautiful dresses.

In the way of fashion
your Nhily