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I can feel spring

Hi everyone!

Hope you all are fine! Today I felt in love with spring. It´s even cold outside, but if you open your eyes, you can see and feel spring. Can´t wait for warm temperatures…

Today I paired light colors. Soft blue and rose. In my mind, it is a great compairing! What do you think?

Ah… I want to tell you, that I´m on chictopia now. Maybe you want to follow or support me?
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Dress and blouse

Hi everyone!

The  weather outside is such … bad. It´s raining round the day. So I have to take my pictures indoor today. I know, thes are´nt looking very well, but I hope you nethertheless  like my outfit.

Today I want to show you the third item I bought few days ago. The blue blouse. I really love the blouse, I wore it on eastern too. Today I paired the blouse with my very old white dress. This dress wore my mother, than she was in my age. But it even looks great!


New pieces

Hey everyone!
Today I want to show you my new pieces of the last shopping. I got a blue cute blouse, a beige blazer and a new beautiful scarf. I can’t wait to wear them!




color of season

Hi everyone!

Hope you have a nice day so far! Today I had my last pre-exam! I will have 4 weeks to learn for last examination. And now I can sleep again as I was sleeping when I was a child. At least for next 4 weeks! 😀

Okay, what I am wearing today! I think you know, that mint is the color of season. A must have! And I have some mint items too.

I bought this shirt weeks ago, and I´m such happy about this, because I didn´t know it at these day!
It´s a little bit cold outside, so I have to wear a blouse with it. To give the outfit more extra, I painted my nails violet.


It´s still cool!

Hi everyone!

I´m such happy today, because it´s warm and pretty outside! I really love sunshine! And I had a good day so far. Hope you had it too!

School is out and I will drive to our garden now to enjoy the beautiful weather. But at first I will show you, what I wore today!

Since I bought my new leather pants, I love them pretty much! The look is such chic, but it´s very comfortable to wear. Like a leggins! And I think you can wear it on hot summer days too! This day I paired my pants with a basic top and a cool beige blouse. Perfekt look for school or brunch or meeting friends. Something like this 😉

Enjoy your day! Mia


A dotted skirt

Hi everyone!

The exam in german is done. Hope you had crossed your figers for me 😉
Today I´m sufferd from headaches. Okay, lets talk about my outfit.

Today morning I choosed my new dotted dress. But I didn´t want to wear it as a dress. I think you can wear it as a skirt too!In the last days I joined some other lookbooks. And a lot of them wore something like this: kneehighs paired with a cute skirt! So I decided to do it too and I think it looks great! I took a black bluse with it and my black high heels.

Do you like this outfit too? Please give me some feedback!


Basic look with animal prints

Hi everyone!

Today I have a very basic look with some flashy details for you.

At first I choose my beautiful leather pants. This pants are such soft and comfortable, but looks very chic and glamorous. With it I only wear a simple white blouse. Black and white in combination is such classic! And I think the outfit is with the leather pants as chic as classic.
On the one hand, we have the classic look, there are black pants and a white blouse. On the other hand we have the leather pants, so the outfit is graded up! This is a very easy way to make your simple outfit more glamorous!

Furthermore I take my animal printed scarf to boost this effect. In addition I choose a brown necklace and black high heels.

Summarised we have basic items and some flashy items to grade up the classic look!

I hope you like my choice!