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I can feel spring

Hi everyone!

Hope you all are fine! Today I felt in love with spring. It´s even cold outside, but if you open your eyes, you can see and feel spring. Can´t wait for warm temperatures…

Today I paired light colors. Soft blue and rose. In my mind, it is a great compairing! What do you think?

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Dress and blouse

Hi everyone!

The  weather outside is such … bad. It´s raining round the day. So I have to take my pictures indoor today. I know, thes are´nt looking very well, but I hope you nethertheless  like my outfit.

Today I want to show you the third item I bought few days ago. The blue blouse. I really love the blouse, I wore it on eastern too. Today I paired the blouse with my very old white dress. This dress wore my mother, than she was in my age. But it even looks great!


Black is beautiful !

 Hello everyone!

 Today I was in Berlin and met my friends.

We talked about everything, the weather was great and I could find many clothes for the summer!

Today I wear everything in black … and black is beautiful !!

Looks very elegant, classy and serious, it’s suitable for every day.

I wear a black vest with a basic skirt and black longshirt. Its one of my favourite combination.

They are my favourite shoes: brown, wedge heels and comfortable.

I hope you like it and thank you so much for reading !

In the way of fashion : your Nhily ❤

My beloved souveniers!

Hey guys!

I hope your fine. Nhily and I had a great day in berlin-city. It was a long day and I´m very tired now.
Never the less I want to show you, what I wore today. So please forgive my strange sight. I took only one picture, so…. yeah, lets see!

I wore this striped shirt last week with black jeans  and my blazer. Today I choosed my “school-girl” skirt and a simple jacket. This is my international outfit. The jacket is from USA, my bag is from Paris and the tights are from spain. Needless to say, the shirt is from germany ( and the skirt too! 😉 ). My beloved souveniers.

What are your plans for weekend?



Basic look with animal prints

Hi everyone!

Today I have a very basic look with some flashy details for you.

At first I choose my beautiful leather pants. This pants are such soft and comfortable, but looks very chic and glamorous. With it I only wear a simple white blouse. Black and white in combination is such classic! And I think the outfit is with the leather pants as chic as classic.
On the one hand, we have the classic look, there are black pants and a white blouse. On the other hand we have the leather pants, so the outfit is graded up! This is a very easy way to make your simple outfit more glamorous!

Furthermore I take my animal printed scarf to boost this effect. In addition I choose a brown necklace and black high heels.

Summarised we have basic items and some flashy items to grade up the classic look!

I hope you like my choice!