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Flowers of spring

Hi everyone!

Today I made some pictures for a spring bloom contest. But I want to show you these pictures too!

I choosed a white skirt and a flower t-shirt. I love this pairing, because these are such soft colors! Perfect for spring!

Hope you like it too!



I can feel spring

Hi everyone!

Hope you all are fine! Today I felt in love with spring. It´s even cold outside, but if you open your eyes, you can see and feel spring. Can´t wait for warm temperatures…

Today I paired light colors. Soft blue and rose. In my mind, it is a great compairing! What do you think?

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Casual look: leather pans

Hi everyone!

Today it´s very very cold outside and it´s rainig since I stand up early in the morning!…
I hate this weather, in addition I stand up 30 minutes earlier to make my hair curly.
It was for nothing!!!

Never the less I choose my black blazer and leather pans for going out.
I think it´s a very casual look for school or work.
For this outfit I only add an white, feminin sveater with little details and an light brown scarf.
I love this scarf because of the flower design, it´s beautiful!

Hope you enjoy your day!

Blazer: H&M
Sweater: H&M
Scarf: Tally wheijl
Leather pans: Amazon
Shoes: S Oliver