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Light colors

Hey everyone!

Light colors are a must have for summer season! I really love the soft mint green paired with white!

To give the outfit more extra, I add my very cool and high sandals!



little bit more chic

Hi my lovely reader!

I hope you had a well day so far! Mine is such great! I got 3 of 4 marks of my pre examination. And I´m such happy, because I got the best marks you can reach. That´s really great!

Okay, what I´m wearing on this day. I painted my nails red again, because this color is such beautiful!
I choosed today a blue top. Blue is a very essential color of spring. And I love it to pair color with black.

I want to be a little bit chic, so I paired my top with black jeans, blazer and heels.

Hope you like it!!!


I can feel spring

Hi everyone!

Hope you all are fine! Today I felt in love with spring. It´s even cold outside, but if you open your eyes, you can see and feel spring. Can´t wait for warm temperatures…

Today I paired light colors. Soft blue and rose. In my mind, it is a great compairing! What do you think?

Ah… I want to tell you, that I´m on chictopia now. Maybe you want to follow or support me?
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Weekend chic: shirt and leather pants

Hi everyone

I hope you hade a nice weekend so far and a great sunday. My grandparents came to see me. We had a tasty lunch and a joyfull time together.

It is even cold outside, but I wanted to dress me up today. I choosed my leather pants, they are comfortable, soft and warm. In my last posts I explained, that they are looking such chic. I paired them with a shirt. I really love color and textures of these shirt! To make it more warm for me, I pulled my granny´s cardigan over it. I only add my blue striped scarf and black high heels.


Please give me an advise!

Hi guys!

I hope you had a nice day so far. I felt such sick today. Because of that I don´t have an outfit for you now. I´m sorry about this, but there is nothing interesting to show you today. But I promise, that I will do it tomorrow!

Nevertheless I have a question. I would like to know, what do you think about these shoes. I want to buy them, but I´m unsure. Please give me any feedback! Thanks a lot!

Enjoy your morning, evening or night. (In my place its 07.40PM)


Date Time

Hello Girls, its time for Dating !

Sometimes you want to be cute and sexy, there are many ways to show us how to be cute and sexy for a date with your boyfriend.

I bought the red skirt a few years ago, but maybe you can find something similar to this. The material of my skirt is polyester and was created with rushing steps.

by Nhily date time 2

I wear this skirt with some basic pieces: black longshirt and black pair of tights. This look is  very cute, but if you want to be more sexy, you could wear black High Heels with it.

 Hope you will share my idea for this look with other people.

 In the way of fashion : your Nhily ❤

A dotted skirt

Hi everyone!

The exam in german is done. Hope you had crossed your figers for me 😉
Today I´m sufferd from headaches. Okay, lets talk about my outfit.

Today morning I choosed my new dotted dress. But I didn´t want to wear it as a dress. I think you can wear it as a skirt too!In the last days I joined some other lookbooks. And a lot of them wore something like this: kneehighs paired with a cute skirt! So I decided to do it too and I think it looks great! I took a black bluse with it and my black high heels.

Do you like this outfit too? Please give me some feedback!