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sign of life!

Hey everyone!

I had a crazy time! And: I´m back again!
This week  had our last examinations started. Today we wrote our exam in english…^^ I hope I will pass all of them…!

The weather is such great in Germany! Last week it was beautiful warm and I got my first sunburn for this year!

Aaand (of course), I have some little pictures for you!  Today was shopping time! I got some really beautiful things and inspirations. Hope you like it as much as mine!

I don´t got this cute shirt, but I love it! Maybe I will buy it in a few days! What do you think?

I bought this cute dress:  I love the soft rose color

At least: this cool turquoise scarf! I really love the animal print and skulls

Do you love my new items too?

In a few days I have something spacially for you! A little surprise! Hope you will like it!



little bit more chic

Hi my lovely reader!

I hope you had a well day so far! Mine is such great! I got 3 of 4 marks of my pre examination. And I´m such happy, because I got the best marks you can reach. That´s really great!

Okay, what I´m wearing on this day. I painted my nails red again, because this color is such beautiful!
I choosed today a blue top. Blue is a very essential color of spring. And I love it to pair color with black.

I want to be a little bit chic, so I paired my top with black jeans, blazer and heels.

Hope you like it!!!


american dreams

Hi guys!

It´s a lovely sunday and I´m such happy. Today I want to show you my crazy USA-girl outfit!

This day I choosed my USA-shirt. I love it very much, because its such cool and comfortable. I paired it with some light blue jeans shorts and my old black sneakers. This shoes are very very old and are broken too, but I think to this outfit they are perfect!

What do you think? Hope you had a great sunday so far 😉


Little Rockstar

Hey everyone!

I hope you had a nice friday. Maybe you met friends or was still at home. I spend my evening at home with watching TV and enjoyed my off time. And today I stand up at 6:00 AM in the morning, because I was already awake!  So I relished breakfast on my balcony and relaxed in the sunshine.

My plans for saturday? I have to clean up my flat… Woohoo, Yippee… I know, very exciting. Later I want to go to our beautiful lake and learn for next exam. We will see.

Okay, what I´m wearing this day. Then I stand up, I listened to radio and they played a rocking song. In connection to this I took my leather jacket. I think this jacket is such great and soft. My grandma bought the leather jacket years ago, but I think it´s still stylish.

I paired the leather jacket with blue jeans and a cool printed white top. Looking like a little rockstar maybe? 😀

Have a joyful weekend!


The blue one

Hey dolls!

It´s a horrible day since a wake up in the mornig! I´m so excited because of the approching exam. Next week they will start and I´m afraid of it! But I think it will work. Hopefully…

Lets change theme. Today it was again cold and rainy outside. I´m very pissed off… But I´m roseate, because it will be warm on next friday.

Today morning I wanted to wear my new dress paired with my new dotted pair of tights. But it didn´t works because of the bad weather. So I had to choose an other outfit. I decided to take my black jeans and a simple blue silk top. For my blazer it was too cold, but I think it would looks great in combination! I will do it next time.

I´m not very happy with this outfit, because I took it such spontaneous! So I took only two little pictures. But I hope you like it even so…!

I hope you have a well start into week!

very cool: frayed jeans

Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your day and have a nice evening!
The weater is very frustrativ, because it is cold outside and looks all the time rainy.
I would like to have sunshine and it shuld become warm!
I would like to have summer!!! ❤

But I think we have to wait a few weeks for it.

Today I wore frayed jeans and a light blue blouse with a black top. To combine the blue jeans and the blouse, I choose a striped blue and white scarf. There are also some pink flowers on it. I love this scarf very much, because there are such many ways to combine with other clothes!

And I perfekt the look with my beautiful striped bag! I love this bag indescribable. And – because of the wet weather – a have my black blazer with it!


Scarf: Tally Weijl
Top: H&M
Jeans: Mustang
Blouse: forever 21