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sign of life!

Hey everyone!

I had a crazy time! And: I´m back again!
This week  had our last examinations started. Today we wrote our exam in english…^^ I hope I will pass all of them…!

The weather is such great in Germany! Last week it was beautiful warm and I got my first sunburn for this year!

Aaand (of course), I have some little pictures for you!  Today was shopping time! I got some really beautiful things and inspirations. Hope you like it as much as mine!

I don´t got this cute shirt, but I love it! Maybe I will buy it in a few days! What do you think?

I bought this cute dress:  I love the soft rose color

At least: this cool turquoise scarf! I really love the animal print and skulls

Do you love my new items too?

In a few days I have something spacially for you! A little surprise! Hope you will like it!



I can feel spring

Hi everyone!

Hope you all are fine! Today I felt in love with spring. It´s even cold outside, but if you open your eyes, you can see and feel spring. Can´t wait for warm temperatures…

Today I paired light colors. Soft blue and rose. In my mind, it is a great compairing! What do you think?

Ah… I want to tell you, that I´m on chictopia now. Maybe you want to follow or support me?
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Lady with sunglasses

Hi everyone

I know… Long time is left, no posts, no outfits. But it was such difficult for me, to take any pictures of my outfits. My boyfriend and me stayed eastern at his parents home. We had a funny and nice time together. And there were such a lot of eating. I hope you had a beautiful time too!

Today I want to show you two of my new pieces, I showed you few days ago: the beige blazer and the beautiful textured scarf. I really love these two items, so I  paired them with a striped skirt and a black top. To make it looking like a dress, I add a black belt.

This outfit is such chic! You can wear it in the city or dating time. What do you think?

At least I want so give Aly Sweet a big thank you! She nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Maybe you want to vote for me?!


New pieces

Hey everyone!
Today I want to show you my new pieces of the last shopping. I got a blue cute blouse, a beige blazer and a new beautiful scarf. I can’t wait to wear them!




Weekend chic: shirt and leather pants

Hi everyone

I hope you hade a nice weekend so far and a great sunday. My grandparents came to see me. We had a tasty lunch and a joyfull time together.

It is even cold outside, but I wanted to dress me up today. I choosed my leather pants, they are comfortable, soft and warm. In my last posts I explained, that they are looking such chic. I paired them with a shirt. I really love color and textures of these shirt! To make it more warm for me, I pulled my granny´s cardigan over it. I only add my blue striped scarf and black high heels.


how to wrap a scarf

Hi everyone!

Today I have something specially for you! A lovely follower want me to show how I wore my scarf on “Comfortable and chic” . And here it is:

This is very very simple. You only have to do two basic steps: loop it once and take it in.

Let me explain… You have to take a long scarf. Loop it once. Take one end of your scarf and take it into the loop. Do it so long till the hole end is into the loop. After it you do it with the other end too.

This looks particulary lovely, if you take a scarf with different designs. For example my one. You can also do it with stripes or scarves with different colors.

Hope you like it 🙂


Summer breeze and elves

Hi girls and boys!

I´m very excited! Tomorrow is the dead-line… My first exam ( btw. it´s in german^^ ) will be tomorrow and I´m such nervous! It´s not the final exam, because we have some exam before we have to write our final examination. Very difficult, I don´t know how it is in your place! But if I pass all my final examination, I will be able to study. Maybe you can keep your fingers crossed for me and Nhily. She is my classmate.

Today I´m wearing a black skirt and a very very comfortable and roomy shirt. There is a little elf on it and I think it looks such cute! The skirt looks like a “schoolgirl-skirt”. I don´t know the englisch word for it. I paired the outfit with a white jacket and a colored scarf. For this outfit you can choose all colors of scarves you want to. I took my blue striped.
And there is another detail… First time this year I took my sunglasses out!