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Light colors

Hey everyone!

Light colors are a must have for summer season! I really love the soft mint green paired with white!

To give the outfit more extra, I add my very cool and high sandals!



Flowers of spring

Hi everyone!

Today I made some pictures for a spring bloom contest. But I want to show you these pictures too!

I choosed a white skirt and a flower t-shirt. I love this pairing, because these are such soft colors! Perfect for spring!

Hope you like it too!


Lady with sunglasses

Hi everyone

I know… Long time is left, no posts, no outfits. But it was such difficult for me, to take any pictures of my outfits. My boyfriend and me stayed eastern at his parents home. We had a funny and nice time together. And there were such a lot of eating. I hope you had a beautiful time too!

Today I want to show you two of my new pieces, I showed you few days ago: the beige blazer and the beautiful textured scarf. I really love these two items, so I  paired them with a striped skirt and a black top. To make it looking like a dress, I add a black belt.

This outfit is such chic! You can wear it in the city or dating time. What do you think?

At least I want so give Aly Sweet a big thank you! She nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Maybe you want to vote for me?!


Black is beautiful !

 Hello everyone!

 Today I was in Berlin and met my friends.

We talked about everything, the weather was great and I could find many clothes for the summer!

Today I wear everything in black … and black is beautiful !!

Looks very elegant, classy and serious, it’s suitable for every day.

I wear a black vest with a basic skirt and black longshirt. Its one of my favourite combination.

They are my favourite shoes: brown, wedge heels and comfortable.

I hope you like it and thank you so much for reading !

In the way of fashion : your Nhily ❤

My beloved souveniers!

Hey guys!

I hope your fine. Nhily and I had a great day in berlin-city. It was a long day and I´m very tired now.
Never the less I want to show you, what I wore today. So please forgive my strange sight. I took only one picture, so…. yeah, lets see!

I wore this striped shirt last week with black jeans  and my blazer. Today I choosed my “school-girl” skirt and a simple jacket. This is my international outfit. The jacket is from USA, my bag is from Paris and the tights are from spain. Needless to say, the shirt is from germany ( and the skirt too! 😉 ). My beloved souveniers.

What are your plans for weekend?



A dotted skirt

Hi everyone!

The exam in german is done. Hope you had crossed your figers for me 😉
Today I´m sufferd from headaches. Okay, lets talk about my outfit.

Today morning I choosed my new dotted dress. But I didn´t want to wear it as a dress. I think you can wear it as a skirt too!In the last days I joined some other lookbooks. And a lot of them wore something like this: kneehighs paired with a cute skirt! So I decided to do it too and I think it looks great! I took a black bluse with it and my black high heels.

Do you like this outfit too? Please give me some feedback!


Summer breeze and elves

Hi girls and boys!

I´m very excited! Tomorrow is the dead-line… My first exam ( btw. it´s in german^^ ) will be tomorrow and I´m such nervous! It´s not the final exam, because we have some exam before we have to write our final examination. Very difficult, I don´t know how it is in your place! But if I pass all my final examination, I will be able to study. Maybe you can keep your fingers crossed for me and Nhily. She is my classmate.

Today I´m wearing a black skirt and a very very comfortable and roomy shirt. There is a little elf on it and I think it looks such cute! The skirt looks like a “schoolgirl-skirt”. I don´t know the englisch word for it. I paired the outfit with a white jacket and a colored scarf. For this outfit you can choose all colors of scarves you want to. I took my blue striped.
And there is another detail… First time this year I took my sunglasses out!